Finish Along 2016

Hopefully 2016 is the year of finishes.......
Some of the projects that have made the list have been in my cupboard for way too long. This page will show all my progress throughout the year.

Here is my first quarter list - probably a little ambitious and in reality if I get half finished I will be thrilled.... while they are out of the cupboard at least there is a chance
  some of the quilting will be quilted domestically, others will be longarmed and one hand quilted                                                                                                                     
6 quilts needing quilting - will be longarmed (just realised one isn't even on the list)
The above quilts to be quilted include Mammoth Hexie, African Angles, Modern Maples, Oriental Log Cabin, Swoon and Aqua Drunkard's Path.
Aussie Beauty - hand quilting project
Peppermint Candy Canes- needs borders and quilting

Charm Quilt
Terrible photo of the Charm Quilt - I have since ironed and layered it, ready for when I feel the urge to quilt. Haven't machine quilted anything larger than a table runner in over two years!
New York Beauty
This New York Beauty quilt is from a Karen Stone pattern that was started in Oct 2006, Would be lovely to have it totally finished for it's 10th birthday. It is half quilted!
True Blue
True Blue is a baby compared to some of my other finishes, I only started this in November and have been pleased with the progress. A sore wrist and elbow have slowed down my nightly handwork, however I would love to finish the orange peel borders and finish the top this quarter.

Stars and Nine Patch Quilt
All reproduction fabrics have been used to make this quilt. I started it back in 2012. When I found it a couple of weeks ago I had made the 25 nine patch block, and about 12 out of the 36 star block. I have since made all the blocks and joined the rows. I am now working on the pieced setting triangles for the first border. I has a total of 4 borders, 2 pieced and 2 solid fabric. Would love to have top ready to be quilted in the next 1/4.
Stepping Stones blocks
Started in October, these blocks will be my Tuesday sewing night project. I meet every 2nd Tuesday to sew with a small group of lovely quilters, Would be nice to have the top ready for the next quarters quilting list.
Depending on how my wrist goes I would like to do some more hand applique on my Jacobean quilt (no pic at this stage) It's on the list but I must say it is a long shot.
Well best get sewing.......wish me luck!

Update of 1st Quarter


  1. That's quite a lot of projects but you can always rollover unfinished ones to the next quarter! Good luck with them all. Would love to see a Jacobean applique one.... Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts.

    1. Yes think I am being rather ambitious! Like you say if they rollover to the next quarter it's not the end of the world. Different story if they are there at the end of the year! Must think positive. Jacobean made it to the list but in reality it will be down the track a little ways yet I think.